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Did You Know?

Wetlands play an important role in flood protection. They function as natural sponges that trap and slowly release surface water, rain, snowmelt, groundwater and flood waters. Nowhere is this function more important than along coastal areas. Coastal areas, like Delaware Bay, are vulnerable to nor’easters, hurricanes and other powerful storms, which means that land and property can be exposed to the full power of these storms.

Delaware Bay wetlands serve as storm surge protectors when storms come ashore. Preserving and restoring coastal wetlands can help reduce storm damage and can provide a significant and potentially sustainable buffer from wind wave action and storm surge generated by storms.  Historically, the Delaware Bay region has lost substantial wetlands acreage to development and agricultural land conversion. An estimated 54% of wetlands in Delaware alone have been lost since 1780, although the rate of loss has slowed recently.


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