Thank you for The Meal

Did You Know?

Whether it is a summer feast at your local crab house, or oysters on the half shell at a fine dining venue, for many of us, Delaware Bay means good food and good fun. Delaware Bay salt marshes are one of the habitats located within the estuary that are ideal places for juvenile finfish and shellfish to hide, rest, eat and grow. Many of these animals later provide food for us. This “nursery function” of the salt marsh is critical to our continued supply of fresh seafood Thank You For The Mealto eat.  Approximately 70-90 percent of Delaware Bay’s commercial fish and shellfish live entirely in estuarine habitats or use them as nursery grounds.  Delaware Bay provides not only some of the best seafood, but a livelihood for many watermen in our region.


What You Can Do
Learn, get involved and be heard!

  • Follow regulations in Delaware and New Jersey that limit the type, size and amount of fish you can catch.
  • Don't litter. Never throw trash, cigarette butts, fish waste, plastic bags, fishing line or nets in the water.
  • Volunteer for coastal clean-ups and wetland restorations.
  • Take a boating safety class in Delaware or New Jersey; obey posted wake speeds on your boat.  Waves can destroy shorelines and increase erosion.
  • Think before you pour. Use and dispose of oil, toxic cleaners and chemicals responsibly.
  • Participate in community natural resource planning efforts. Get involved in protecting essential fish habitat.