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What are Fellow Educators Saying?

"I love these materials...the allowance for controversy, opportunities for real-world thinking and multi-disciplinary, open-ended activities." - Ruth Galli, Virginia


"The GE&S Curriculum is amazing. It is the most even-handed curriculum I have ever seen. It teaches students to consider all sides of an issue to make an informed decision. I have used the curriculum for 5 years and will continue to do so for the remainder of my career." - Garth Subbolo, Middletown, Delaware


"Awesome! The depth & breadth of information was impressive, coverage of the topic from all angles comprehensive. The presenters were not just smart, they were interesting, not always an easy combination to find!" - Annie McIntyre, Wantagh, NY


"Your approach to the horseshoe crab issue could be a model for other marine conservation issues. By partnering with all the stakeholders you have formed a forum so that tradition and science can learn from and adapt to each other...your work in this area is really pioneering!" - George Mehler, Pennsylvania