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What is Green Eggs and Sand?

Green Eggs & Sand is an innovative workshop experience and set of curriculum modules designed to explore the Atlantic Coast horseshoe crab (HSC)/shorebird phenomenon and management controversy. The award-winning curriculum is composed of 4 education modules for middle and high school level students and adults. Each module features an introductory video segment followed by a series of engaging exercises designed to expand understanding of the material. Module 1 features lessons and activities on horseshoe crab biology/ecology; Module 2 provides material on the relationship between horseshoe crabs and migratory shorebirds. Module 3 outlines the human connection, including the use of horseshoe crabs for bait and human health benefits; and Module 4 presents the challenges and approaches to managing the horseshoe crab resource for multiple uses and stakeholders.

Green Eggs & Sand is unique in that it:

Was developed through a collaboration of teachers, resource managers, scientists, and stakeholders

It focuses on promoting an in-depth understanding of the issues, science, and management of the Horseshoe crab/shorebird controversy.

Is award winning! In 2005 the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) awarded the Green Eggs and Sand project team 1st place in the curriculum category at their national conference.

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"This is my 23rd year teaching, and your workshop was the best so far I've done. I'm still talking about horseshoe crabs to anyone who will listen." - Bobbye Hager, Teacher, Peachtree City, GA

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